Digital Telangana Scheme

Digital Telangana Scheme

The digital Telangana project will be launched in the state from July 1st.After creating India and the clean India (Swatch Bharat), India’s third largest campaign, India’s Digital India Citizens to process digital empowerment, Digital infrastructure serves as an application for every citizen Providing required personality and services. Digital India will be launched on 1 July through a one-week long project
Under the leadership of KT Rama Rao, The C & S industry is simultaneously planned for a very interesting digital Telangana project. In fact, digital targets are fewer than digital targets for digital India targets.

Digital Telangana Scheme
                      Digital Telangana Scheme

Digital Telangana refers to two images Each of them represents the presentation and the request page. On the supplier side, you need to ensure that every person in the state gets digital facilities.This is possible by Set OFC  for each house using water grid trench Provide 4G services in the entire state WiFi in big cities and cities Each panchayat has a stop shop kiosk Similarly, on the request page, every person is digitally placed, so he / she can use the best of the digital features available on his doorstep. The strategies for this include:
Digital literacy program, a member of every family will be taught to obtain digital literacy School Computer Literacy Plan: For Classes from Class 6 to Teaching Basics Expanding Me-Seva Services
Create as many mobile services as possible on mobile platforms and create mobile domains in digital Telangana .

Find technical solutions to all government agencies to provide better services to citizens In the last six months, the Telangana government has created a reality of digital Telangana’s vision by providing 4G services in major cities; Ensure WiFi facilities in Tank Bond, Necklace Road, Charminar, Public Gardens, Railway; The goal of the Mee-Seva is to expand the service and to a stop shop (OSS) kiosk in every gram panchayat.
This week’s long-term program, Department, E & C has been making plans across the village, regional, district and state level with the help of other departments.
The main features of this project are:
The new E-Services ( Yadgiri Gutta and Online Payment Gateways for Bhadrachalam ), Department of Relief
Enhance digital literacy, cyber health and cyber security Encourage people’s participation through digital budget, competitions, events with Haga, etc. Start the Biometric Arrival System in Warangal district.
WiFi services at Telangana University, Nizamabad

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