Warangal Bharakali Temple (History,Built,Location)


The Bhadrakaali Temple in Warangal is one of the most temples in India, dedicated to Bhadrakaali. Located on a hill, Warangal and near Hanamkonda town, on the side of the Bhadrakali lake, built an oldest temple  in  625 AD. There is a Chaluky regine,It was reconstructed by Sri Ganapathy V. Sasthri and other local residents after the 1950s and the Bhadrakali, Though there are only a few traces of its famous times, the temple is one of the most famous temples. It attracts millions of pilgrims every year.With the importance of historical importance and religious significance, the natural rock, structures around the temple must also be visited. However, as the temple is not allowed inside, the Warangal Bhadrakaali Temple photos can not be depicted in its mystery. Interested visitors can take photographs, outside the main temple.

In this temple, the main goddess Bhadrakaali, Goddess displays the sitting position. She is shown by eight hands, each carrying a weapon and wearing a beautiful crown. The statue is made of 2.7 meters, and stones.A fierce lion, the sacred vehicle of God, is placed against the shrine of the temple. There are many temples within the temple. Maha Mandapam, Lord Shiva , Hanuman Temple, Uma Maheswaran, Pictures and Navagrahas, along with pictures of Subramanya Swami shrines are kept in stone. Among these deities is alleged to be the oldest idols. The temple of Vigneswarar, built outside the main temple is relatively recent.
The temple is devoted to Goddess Devi Bhadrakaali, in the temple, yet the image of the goddess is believed, to have been transformed by the Holy Mantras in Tripura Sundari, a rare form of the universe represents the power of MA. The term ‘Tripura’ means ‘beauty of the three worlds’. The form of this deity is considered to be the greatest expression of Prakrit.

The only feature of this temple is the Bhadrakaali, Lake, a man-made lake and essential water KHI. This lake is about 2 k.m away. Surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains and drawn by various natural rock systems nearby. It is a peaceful organization with the spiritual blessings, of the Bhadrakaali temple.

Tourist places in and around Bhadrakaali, The temple is surrounded by several temples. Shirdi Sai Baba Sri is some temple, Padmakshi temple Sri Swami temple Pothuluri , Veerabrahmendra, Sri Narasimha Swamy temple, etc.
Warangal, another popular tourist attraction in Thousand Pillar, is located at a distance of 2 km from the Bhadrakali Temple. You need to be connected together.Warangal Bhadrakaali .Temple Architecture and History Built in the style of the Chalukya, Bhadrakaali Temple, the architecture was built to mark the success of the Chola region co-MA. The complex sculptures of the brilliant craftsmanship are the pillars of the Kakatiya ruler when the idol of Ekanda Shila and pillars in the temple, present a vision of the Chaluky regine.
Kakatiya Kings contributed to the temple as they considered the devotees as their divine deity. It was during the Kakatiya, rule built by the Bhadrakaali Lake. The construction of a lake was constructed during their rule. However, with the decline of the Kakatiya regime, the significance of Bangra Bakrakala Temple has been reduced.The Bhadrakali, Temple revived in the 1950s. Sri Ganapathy Shastri, replied in the 1940s Warangal was a devotee of God’s protection of God’s calm, who migrated from Karnataka. with the help of other local như Ramanujah and Sri Sri Mudumbai Sameja sonal, the temple reconstruction work has been answered. Many people also performed the temple for the renovation of this temple  Vangala Guravaiah, Sri Hari Brahmasri Radhakrishnamurthy, Venkata Rama Thandra Narsaiah, Adluri Seetharama Shastry, Narasimha Rao Tankasala, and Maha Tapasigini Mangalambika.
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