Ramappa Temple/Ramalingeswarar Temple, Warangal

The Temple of Ramappa located at Palampat, village in Muluk taluk is 67 km away from Warangal. It is located 160 km from Hyderabad. The temple is known for its historic and architectural, excellence as an important part of any weekend, tour. The scenic beauty of the place is beautiful, and beautiful.

The Ramappa Temple was Built:
Ramalingeswarar Temple, Ramappa Temple was built, in 1213 AD. It was built under the rule of the Kakatiya, Kingdom. Ramapada is the only temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.Under the administration of the Indian Archaeological Survey Center, this temple provides, a glimpse of the famous period of the Kakatiya regime. At present, there are a lot of huts near the restaurant, and the lake which is set up by the tourist. So you can see this beautiful temple and the surrounding area at the time of retirement, and then huts can spend a relaxing time.

History of the Ramappa Temple :According to some inscriptions Ramappa, Temple was built in 1213. The temple was built during the reign of King  Ganapathi. It was built under the supervision of Chief General Recherla Rudra. However, the temple is known by the name of its architect Ramappa.
The temple is considered, to be one of the medieval temples of South India. Despite decades, and in the course of many invasions and wars over time, the Ramappa, Temple is still happy, producing the mindset of every visitor.

Ramappa ,temple was once a royal garden and reached through the greenery , of trees. Built with bricks floating in water, the temple still stands strong. It is built on a 6 foot high platform. It is a pregnancy, an anthra, and a mahaba hall. The main gateway built on the outer wall of the temple is now in ruins. So you have to enter through the small gate. The main temple is surrounded by walls.
The walls of the temple exhibit complex sculptures. Even on the pillars and the roof is beautiful. The sanctuary is surrounded by Murugan and is located in Shikar. There are many images in front of the temple. While visiting the temple, there is Nandi Mandap at the shrine of Lord Shiva in Nandi Mandap. Even though the hall is not in good condition, Lord Shiva’s goddess Nandhi’s statue is in ruins.
Inside the temple, Shivalinga is 9 feet tall. We will show various paintings and various musical instruments on the walls of the Garhira Gate. Its ceiling sculptures depict scenes from Hindu epic Ramayana, Shiva Puranam and various ancient texts. The temple has sub-temples, which are located on both sides. The Kameshwara and Gotshwara temples have two temples here. The Kameshwar Temple is now destroyed. Ramapada Temple, the main building of the temple presents a style of structures built on a platform built. It is a symbol of heaven and earth contact between the two.

Ramappa Temple/Ramalingeswarar Temple:

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